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Share Other Agents Listings - What Is This Feature?

Our newest feature allows you to share other agent’s listings on AnnounceMyListing. Historically, you could only use AnnounceMyListing to share your own listings. But now, AnnounceMyListing is working with your MLS and within your IDX rules to allow you to share other listings in your area. (Not available in all areas - learn more)

This new feature is simple to use, yet very powerful at connecting you to buyers and sellers on social networks and via email. See an example below and how it posts to Facebook. Or watch this brief video:

This is a screenshot of one of the announcements. On the right side, you will find YOUR AGENT BANNER. You will be branded with every announcement you create on AnnounceMyListing. But this isn’t your listing- so we need to give the listing agent and listing broker proper credit as you see in the body of the announcement.

For MLS and IDX compliance, certain items fields will not be editable by you. The price, photo, address, public remarks and status will all sync directly with your MLS. Once the listing is off market, you will no longer be able to share this announcement. We will hide it just like we do today on your own announcements.

When you share on social media sites such as Facebook, we will lock some of the content which is posted on the wall as seen here.

Each post will credit the listing agent and listing broker to be compliant with MLS and IDX standards. You will not be able to change the section show in red. But, you can make a comment on each post in the section marked in green. You can say something like “I just saw this listing come up on the market. This home is AMAZING and a great value. If you want a tour, please contact me and I will arrange it with the listing agent”.


NOTE: This may not be available in your market. Please look for the tab "share other listings" on your AnnounceMyListing Home Page. If this is not present, this feature has not been approved for your MLS yet. Please contact our office for further questions.




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