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I shared the announcement via email but did not get it in my inbox. What do I do?

Email can be tricky. There are many reasons that our email my be blocked or delayed. Please try these steps:


Confirm that we have your correct email address.

As simple as it sounds, this is the most common error. Please make sure we have your correct contact information by reviewing your profile. Make sure the email address is formatted correctly. For example JoeSmith@gmail is not a valid email address.


Check your SPAM filter or Junk Email folder

Sometimes the announcement can be flagged as suspected SPAM and ends up in your Junk/SPAM folder.

If it is there, move it to your inbox. Most email systems let you drag the email out of the Junk folder and put it directly into the Inbox. Usually there will be a pop up when you do this which says something like: "Do you want to trust this sender?" Select YES.

To avoid future delivery issues, please add: to your address book or safe sender list.


GMAIL users - check the Promotions Tab

If you are using the new Gmail, there are three tabs at the top of your Inbox. If the email is not in your primary folder, please look in the Promotions Tab. Move the email out of the Promotions folder into your primary inbox by dragging it over. When prompted to "Remember this next time?" - select YES.


Try an alternative email address

Sometimes email can get block by your server.

If you are still not finding the email in your inbox or Junk folder, please try another email address - preferably a personal email address on a large public provider, such as: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

We recommend that you DO NOT USE AOL or TIME WARNER. These systems are notorious for blocking good email from getting to the recipient due to very strict filters.

To test a different email address, change your email address in your profile and then resend the announcement.


If you still didn't receive the email, please contact us:



Need help? Email: For faster service, tell us your AnnounceMyListing account number.







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