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Do I have to upload my email address book?

No. You do not upload your address book onto AnnounceMyListing.

Instead, you control the distribution of the announcement by simply forwarding the email from your inbox or contact management system.

Here's how it works:

We will email you the announcements to the email address in your profile.

When you receive the announcement in your inbox, simply click FORWARD and choose the recipients you want to send the email to using your address book. You can even use your favorite contact management system.

Once you have selected the recipients, click SEND.


The email will come from you, not AnnounceMyListing. As as result, our announcements are opened by the recipients at a much higher rate than other email marketing products available to agents which "blast" the listing information to other agents, or to an uploaded address book.

Also, since the email is coming from a trusted source (you), it is also less likely to get flagged as SPAM.



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