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Does AnnounceMyListing blast emails to all agents in my area?

No. AnnounceMyListing is a peer-to-peer, social marketing tool. If you are looking for a tool that will send email to every agent in your MLS or area, this is NOT the product for you.


We believe that the key to building a referral-based business is frequently keeping in contact with your spheres of influence by leveraging the power of email and social media. We do this by helping you share informative and engaging content to people you already know. These are the people who are the most likely to do business with you, or to refer their friends to you.


AnnounceMyListing and AnnounceMyNews help you connect to your clients, prospects, friends and family to help stay "top of mind". We believe that successful marketing is about quality conversations online with people who will want to communicate with you. We help get the conversations started around YOU!

We empower you to control the distribution of the announcements using your social media sites, as well as your personal email address book or contact management system. Learn more.

We are an approved vendor of your MLS in part because of this philosophy. Our product complies with all state Privacy Laws and CAN-SPAM laws. We never collect email addresses or sell email lists.



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