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Can I make changes to an announcement after it is shared?

You can modify your announcement any time while the listing is in active status. If you purchased the announcement with credits, you DO NOT need to repurchase the announcement.

Changes made to the MLS Record
If you make changes on the MLS record, we will get this information from the MLS within 3 to 6 hours of you making changes. These fields automatically sync with the MLS record: photos, price, and status.

Changes made by editing the announcement
You can choose to make changes to other features of the announcement by clicking EDIT. These include the color template, banner choice, public/property remarks and agent remarks. When you make changes to these features, the announcement is instantly updated online. You may need to refresh the browser window to see the changes once changes are made.

What happens if the listing announcement is already shared on social media or email?
We update every place your announcement is shared, including emails you sent and blog posts. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes to update HTML email, blogs and website posts.

Because we automatically update your announcements, you never have to resend an email or repost an announcement when make changes. However, you can opt to resend or repost announcements for marketing purposes. For example, if you change a "Just Listed" announcement to read "Open House" or "Price Reduced" - you can resend the announcement via email or share on social media if you choose.

Pretty neat, isn't it? It's all apart of our patent pending process we call AnnounceSync™.


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