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What are "credits"?

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Credits can be used on both AnnounceMyListing and AnnounceMyNews to buy announcements. Think of using credits like buying a pre-loaded Starbucks gift card. Once you use up the credit on the card, you simply add money to the card and use it again. Credits work in the same way on our sites.

You redeem credits at the time you share an announcement. Announcements will usually cost between 2 and 4 credits. The cost will clearly be displayed before you buy the announcement.

NOTE: If your MLS pays for AnnounceMyListing, you will see “AnnounceMyListing is Free!” and you don’t need to buy credits. More info


Using credits, you can easily control your marketing budget. You can buy credits for as little as $5.00 in the MY ACCOUNT - MY BILLING tab. If you opt to purchase more credits, the cost per credit goes down. If you anticipate using AnnounceMyListing or AnnounceMyNews frequently, consider our unlimited use options for as low as $20.


Unused credits do not expire
Let's say you buy 5 credits to get started. If you buy an announcement which costs 3 credits, you will have 2 credits left in your account for future use. You can add more credits at any time.


Buy the announcement only once
Once you purchase an announcement, you own it and never have to pay for it again. You can edit the listing announcement as often as you like while the listing is in Active Status. You can create JUST LISTED, OPEN HOUSE and PRICE REDUCED announcements, all from the same listing.

You can share the announcement as often as you like on Social Media or through email. How often you distribute the annoucement is up to you. You DO NOT have to pay us per email recipient, or each time you share on social media.


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