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Why is my address uneditable?

For most users, your contact information is fully editable. However, some users may see fields which are grayed out and cannot be edited. The reason for this is that your MLS has asked us to lock these fields per their policy.

We understand that this may not be an ideal situation for your marketing effort. Your state probably has rules which require your Broker's information to be on all marketing materials. Your MLS is more than likely following these rules.


The fields which are grayed out include the Company name, Address, and the Phone Number of the Broker you are affiliated with in your MLS record.

Unfortunately, we cannot unlock these fields without the written consent of your MLS.

Other fields which are not grayed out and can be edited include the Display Name, Address Line 2, and two Phone fields.



Some agents do not want callers contacting the Broker's office and prefer that the calls come to alternative phone numbers. We cannot delete the broker's phone number, nor can we change the order the phones are displayed.

We recommend that you edit the phone labels to direct viewers to your best contact number. For example, you can label your cell "Best Number" and add a "Home Office" phone number as an alternative. You can also edit the Broker's number with a label such as "Broker's Phone"

If you find that the information that is grayed out is INCORRECT, please contact us. We will review the data we have from your MLS and correct any errors.


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