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Login Instructions

AnnounceMyListing is a FREE member benefit. You can access your AnnounceMyListing account in three ways:

  1. You can access your accout directly from your MATRIX account under the External Links tab. Show me.

  2. You can also access your account from the Quick Start Email we send you: learn how

  3. Once you have logged in from one of the methods mentioned above, your account will be created on our site. Going forward, you can login to your account directly from using your email address and creating a password. Learn More


Once you login, you will find all your active listings. Click the Edit and AnnounceIt link to get started. If you do not see the listing you are looking for, we may not have it yet, or it may be in an inactive status. Learn More

Editing Property Comments on AnnounceMyListing

For CBRAR MLS users of AnnounceMyListing, “Property Comments” text is imported directly from the “Remarks” field in the CBRAR Matrix system. Changes cannot be made to the “Property Comments” text from within the AnnounceMyListing application. Changes to the “Remarks” text in the CBRAR Matrix system will be reflected in the AnnounceMyListing “Property Comments” text.



If you encounter difficulty logging in, please email Let us know you are with CBRAR and provide us with your Public Agent ID.








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